What we do in Electro & Energetic Engineering scope?

The key to our success is that we work with collaboration and good intends. We demand that our strategists and project managers work with you and find the best solution for you.

Electro & Energetic measurements

We offer earthing, voltage, current and all other E & E  measurements. With standardized equipment and certificated documentation report.  

On Key Electro & Energetic Projects

We offer full engineering and civil work for on key E & E projects. That means that we do low voltage and high voltage cable connections with all necessary work and proper connection on both ends.

Indoor Electro & Energetic project

We offer on key indoor E & E installations.  We do full electric and telecommunication network installations for personal house, workhouse, storage, business buildings, BTS etc.. 

Electro & Energetic concrete cabinet

We manufacture our own E & E concrete cabinets. Made out of best material it least for longer time than plastic alternatives. UV and water resistant, perfect for tough outdoor conditions.

Cable and E & E accessories

We offer various  E & E  and telecommunication cables and accessories. From cable to safety elements. We cover whole scope of  small materials and full equipped  cabinets.

Our partners in Electro & Energetic Engineering scope?

Company with 20 years of experience in BTS tower on key installation. It is company that implemented the first own 90m MET tower in Slovenia.

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