Wind logger, analyzer and first prospective production tool?

What we do in renewable IT engineering scope? 

We developed our own software which allows us to precisely conduct our analyses of the obtained wind measurements. Software can be linked to the measurement elements and we can define the time interval at which the measurements must be saved. According to these measurements and analysis we can make an indicative calculation. In this indicative calculation we can choose the wind generator and we have the option to adjust the characteristics crucial for our calculation of the outcome power. Software is modularly implemented in such a way that it can be adjusted to our individual clients.

The software allows us to monitor the condition of the measurement elements and wind speed, direction or wind gusts in real time. The main control site displays the average of our measurements and in addition to this, it presents us with graphs of wind speed and gusts for the last 10 days so the interpretation is quick and easy.

The “indicative calculation” module provides an easy way to obtain information about theoretical output power of our chosen generator, according to current measurements.

In this software the user is given various options to display measurements gathered so far and to follow data easier time limited display can also be enabled. Whit the help of an interactive display data can be effectively organized and you can make an overview of all the collected data or only a certain time interval.

From the gathered measurements software can determine direction of the wind. Data are than displayed in a form called “the wind flower”, which presents us with information about distribution of wind speed based on the direction of the wind blow.

What we do in IT engineering scope?

The key to our success is that we work with collaboration and good intends. We demand that our strategists and project managers work with you and find the best solution for you.

Mobile applications on key

We offer mobile applications on key. For both most used operating systems iOS and Android. Specialized in localization services and B2C and B2B services.

On Key SOFTWARE Projects

We create a complete solution for the client from planning, designing, programming and launching on the market.


Optimization of logistics centers, navigation for people with disabilities, deployment of sensors for sport activities in parks, sports complexes ….. the integration capabilities of proximity solutions are limitless!

Backend integrated systems and professional solutions

We offer integrated systems for professional backend CMS solutions. Not limited to renewable monitoring (wind calculations) but also active in geo-marketing, location based indoor marketing, tourism and other customized applications. 

Our partners in IT engineenering scope?

FS rešitve d.o.o. offers complete solutions in scope of mobile application development, backend development, modern localization solutions, deployment of location sensors, integrated systems and all IT on key solutions.

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