What we do in WIND ENERGY scope?

The key to our success is that we work with collaboration and good intends. We demand that our strategists and project managers work with you and find the best solution for you.

MET tower measurements

We offer on key MET tower measurements. We produce our own towers called COMPAX with max height 160m. We work with worldwide reliable partners on sensors and logger solutions ( NRG Systems, Vaisala, Ammonit, RainWise, OnSet…).  

On Key WIND turbine Projects

We offer full engineering and civil work for on key WIND turbine projects. From documentation leading folder to the first MWh.

SoDAR Wind Profiler

We offer SoDAR technology solution Vaisala Triton. Find out more about TRITON

COMPAX towers

We manufacture our own BTS and MET towers called COMPAX

Small wind and Hybrid solutions

We offer small wind solutions <50kW. If your solution need a combination with PV solar panels we offer HYBRID solutions. Both options are also possible in off-grid scheme. 

MET masts

MetMast features:

  • up to 160m lattice up guyed masts
  • 30 year design fatigue life
  • Installed with required wind monitoring instrumentation to provide reliable wind data
  • The instrumentation is connected to a met panel consisting of a data logging system and remote data access

Temp MET masts

Temporary wind monitoring masts ranging in height from 12m to 90m. We can equip these temporary masts with a range of wind monitoring devices as required by your project specifications including cup and ultrasonic anemometers; temperature, pressure and relative humidity sensors; and wind vanes.

Mast features:

  • 36-90m masts boast 3 or more anemometers and 2 or more wind direction vanes
  • 10m mast includes 1 anemometers and 1 wind direction vane
  • Supported by steel guy wires in three directions
  • No fixed concrete foundations
  • All data recorded on a data logger on mast
  • Data logger conducts remote data retrieval and diagnostic checks.

Permanent met masts

A permanent met mast will be on site for the life time of the wind farm and as such requires a robust design with easy maintenance.

Masts can be installed with a number of anemometers, one of which would be located at hub height.

We typically offer the following additional instrumentation:

  • Wind vanes
  • Anemometer
  • Rain detectors
  • Pressure, temperature and relative humidity sensors.

Our partners in WIND ENERGY scope?

NRG systems focus on the features needed in wind potential measurements solutions.

Reliable environmental observations for better decision making, safety and efficiency. A global leader in environmental and industrial measurements.

Company with 20 years of experience in BTS tower on key installation. It is company that implemented the first own 90m MET tower in Slovenia.

Bornay pioneers in bringing energy where there is none

Vortex started its technology development in 2005 by former Wind & Site engineers, atmospheric physicists and computer experts

FS rešitve d.o.o. offers complete solutions in scope of mobile application development, backend development, modern localization solutions, deployment of location sensors, integrated systems and all IT on key solutions.

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